St. Leo Seniors


 The St. Leo Senior Group is off to a great start. We will gather together for coffee, tea, donuts and good conversation once a month in the Church Hall, usually EVERY THIRD WEDNESDAY 10 am to 12 noon.

We will no longer be Seniors Living Socially, as it was, but a part of St. Leo Parish.

What will be different: we will no longer have a Board, or membership, and we will no longer collect dues, but come free of charge.
Many of you will be happy to know we have a place to come to visit with each other, meet old friends, make new friends, hang out, and chat.

Any questions, or suggestions, we will discuss at our September gathering. Until then, stay well and we will see you in September!

For more information contact St Leo Senior Past President and now facilitator: Judy Sarnelle at