St. Leo Seniors

Due to COVID restrictions and with regard to the health and safety of
our Senior Community, we feel it is best to postpone the St. Leo Seniors’
monthly meetings.
We will revisit in January and keep you posted as the situation changes.
-Judy Sarnelle, President

The St. Leo Seniors is an organization that is comprised of both women and men age 55 and over. It consists of parishioners and non-parishioners. We meet once a month and provide social, educational and spiritual activities which promote fellowship in the religious community.

We meet on the third Tuesday of the month from September to June in the Parish Hall. Coffee is ready at 10 am for those who love to come early and chat. Our program, speaker  and meeting usually begins at 11. Members are welcome to bring a friend.  Additionally, trips, theater and other special events are announced, and your payment is your reservation.

When inclement weather, if schools are closed, we will not meet.

The yearly dues are $15.00 and are collected in the month of September which begins our calendar year.

In addition to the membership/business meetings, trips, theater (both Broadway and local), and other special events are offered to our members. Participation in these events is subject to the overall interest of our membership. The cost of such activities, including tickets, transportation to and from the venue, food, etc. are paid separately by each St. Leo Senior member. The monies for these events are collected by our Travel Co-Chairs and paid out of our Treasury account.

Money that is raised at our March Annual Bake Sale allows St. Leo Seniors to purchase: Confirmation and First Communion gifts, beverages and baked goods which are provided at our monthly meetings and various donations made throughout the calendar year by our organization, such as EMS, Birthright, and Christmas gifts to the clergy and staff.

For more information contact St Leo Senior President: Judy Sarnelle at