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Parish Staff
Administrator – Fr. Javier Nieva: ext. 1
Parochial Vicar – Fr. Tomas Sastre: ext. 2
Parish Office – Catherine Geggie: ext. 3 or
Director of Religious Education – Eileen Towne: ext. 6 or
Religious Education Office Manager – Sue Manning:
Building Manager – Michael Lombardo: ext. 5

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Website Administrator
 – Karen Bennett:
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Parish Finance
Chairperson – Peter McMullin
Marcia Mandi
Peter Muller
Mike Nicholson
Robert Tuite

Parish Trustees
Trustee – Joseph Baranowski
Trustee – Christine Green

Parish Council
Administrator – Fr. Javier Nieva
Trustees – Joseph Baranowski, Christine Green
President – Anthony Marsella
Vice-President – Sandy Schwoerer
Secretary – Bill Cohee
Religious Education – Eileen Towne
Social Concerns – Carol Kennedy

Appointed Members
Karen Bennett
Laura Civitano
Peter Dawson
Gianna DiMartino
Kathy Heslin
Terry McMahon

Meeting Minutes

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