Friends of Divine Mercy

St. Leo Friends of Divine Mercy
Looking for Spiritual Growth; for that Mercy and Peace which the world cannot give?
The Friends of Divine Mercy invite you to join us- for prayer, study and works of mercy.
When we pray the Nicene Creed we say, “I believe in the Resurrection of the dead and in the life of the world to come.St. Paul tells us, If Christ is not risen… then our faith is in vain.”
The Father’s mercy is shown in this: that he sent us his only begotten Son- that by his Passion, Death and Resurrection, we might be set free…
How does our professed belief in Resurrection (Jesus’ and our own) impact our daily lives?
How might we live differently now, because of the hope of our future resurrection?
Topic: Resurrection and the Afterlife in the New Testament
Presenter: Professor Candida Moss, Ph.D.
Book: The Resurrection Experience Life in the Risen Christ  by Fabrice Hadjadj Magnificat ISBN:978-1-941709-22-1
Dates: Thursday, September 26 through Thursday, December 5th
Time: 9:30 AM- 11AM
No class: Thursday, Nov. 28; Christmas Party: December 12
In this program we will explore ideas such as:
The views of ancient peoples regarding the afterlife (i.e. Greeks, Romans,Egyptians, Jews). How do they differ from the Christian viewpoint?
St. Paul on: Judgement Day, Resurrected Bodies, Mysticism and Heaven.
The Gospels: regarding the Resurrection of Jesus, and finally, Revelation: regarding the Heavenly Jerusalem.
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