Friends of Divine Mercy

St. Leo Friends of Divine Mercy
Looking for Spiritual Growth; for that Mercy and Peace which the world cannot give?
The Friends of Divine Mercy invite you to join us- for prayer, study and works of mercy.

St. Leo Friends of Divine Mercy will resume meetings on Thursdays: morning sessions meet 9:30-11 am and evenings meet 7:15- 9 pm.
Program Dates:
February: 7, 14, 21, 28
March7, 14, 21.
(Snow dates TBD)
Our Topic:
In every age, the Catholic Church has been challenged, both internally and from without. To meet the challenging times, in His Divine Mercy, God raises up individuals to defend the faith and to advance His kingdom on earth.
This was true of the time commonly known as the Protestant Reformation as well. To learn about those individuals who remained faithful to the Church while attempting to change her from within, we will look at 6 saints of the Catholic Reformation.
We will examine the lives and contributions of these individuals by exploring the challenging issues of their time, how they were personally impacted by these issues, what they did in response and how their reforms continue to influence the Catholic faith today.
To do this, our program will utilize the DVD series “True Reformers: Saints of the Catholic Reformation,” by Dr. Christopher Blum”.
We will study the following 6 saints.
St. Thomas Moore: The Age of the Author
St. Ignatius of Loyola: Soldier for Christ
St. Philip of Neri: The Apostle of Joy
St. Charles Borromeo: The Good Shepherd
St. Teresa of Avila: A Study in Perseverance
St. Francis de Sales: Pastor of Souls
If you are planning to attend, please email with your preferred time of morning or evening.